Sex Offender Evaluations and Treatment

E.M.A.G.E.S, Inc. sex offender treatment services have the slogan “NO MORE VICTIMS” as its primary goal.  This program offers the following services:

Assessment & Evaluation
Individual Therapy
Group Therapy

Assessment & Evaluation

EMAGES, Inc. believes that assessment and evaluation is the first step in the treatment process for sex offenders. Conditions associated with the occurrence and maintenance of sex offending behaviors as well as other problems related to sexual aggression that may impact treatment and/or an offender’s motivation toward treatment are assessed. The assessment process is also used to evaluate an offender’s risks, needs and other factors which can contribute to deviant sexual behaviors.

Assessments and Evaluations include, but are not limited to, the following:

A description of the offense and an offense statement from the offender;
An examination of the history of sexual offending including the types of sexual offenses;
An examination of the scope of mental health and substance abuse problems;
The offender biography that includes family and employment history;
An assessment of risk factors, deviant sexual behaviors and fantasies as reflected on the Abel
Assessment scale and polygraph examination;

Individual Therapy:

An assumption individual therapy is that offending behaviors are rooted in cognitive distortions and thinking errors that operates at all levels of awareness, a therefore a holistic approach that looks at all possible factors that may have contributed to an offending lifestyle is used. A culturally specific treatment model coupled with cognitive behavior, relapse prevention and psycho-educational intervention models are utilized in treatment. A primary goal of sex offender treatment is for offenders to learn how to manage their lives, which includes eliminating deviant sexual responses and to incorporating appropriate sexual responses.

Group Therapy:

Group therapy is the primary treatment modality provided by E.M.A.G.E/S, Inc. All clients enrolled in the program are required to attend weekly group sessions. Group sessions incorporate cognitive behavioral techniques and focus on the following treatment dimensions: deviant arousal control, reconditioning to enhance appropriate arousal, interpersonal relationships and social skills, experiential (affective) processes; family and marital work when appropriate and the development of relapse prevention skills and plans.

Group Phases:

We have found that group members come to group with different levels of group readiness given this fact; we find that it is necessary for every group member to move through five stages of treatment. In order to move successfully through each of the treatment phases, the minimum stay in treatment is one to two years. We are aware that the phases are not mutually exclusive and group members can and often do vacillate between them. The group treatment phases utilized by E.M.A.G.E.S are as follow:

Phase 0:          No Progress Phase

Phase 1:          Orientation Stage

Phase 11:        Education/Awareness Phase

Phase 111:      Acceptance Phase

Phase 1V:       Stabilization Phase

We find it necessary for every group member to move through five stages of treatment given the fact that individuals come to group with different levels of group readiness.

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